Business minded solutions for the business minded individual.

We ONLY OFFER, Windows Replacement Server Solutions. Take a minute and ask yourself, what type of server do I need?

WE DO NOT SUPPORT WINDOWS SYSTEMS, Only old/new Linux/Unix systems.

What we offer;

Samba Servers > Direct replacement for your PDC and BDC. No licenses or fee's required for use.

LAMP Servers > (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Host your own website(s)

Database Servers/Services > (Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ingres, & others...)

File Servers > House all your files on a safe, raid 6, file server.

Firewalls Systems > The best enterprise level firewall solutions available.

Virtual Machines > Consolidate the amount of your systems. Put 40 users on one computer!

Off-Site Backups > Vital for any real corporation. What would you do, if you lost ALL of your data?

Basic Data Recovery Services > Drive failing?? With important information? We can help you!

Web Hosting Services > For businesses that don't want to host their own site, we can host it for you.

Music/Video servers > Start your own personal radio station for the business. Listen/watch anywhere!

Free consultations > Let us evaluate your current situation, and offer a proper solution.

On-Site Tech Support > Optional  1,3,&5 year on-site technical support.


We build some of the finest Linux Server Systems this side of the Mississippi.

Our basic servers systems include;

Featuring AMD CPU's ONLY!

x4 to x12 core CPU's by 4 < Yes we can supply you with a x12 core CPU x 4 server system(that is a total of 4 CPU's with a total of 48 cores). Yes G34 systems!

Hard Drive data Safety-

  • x6

    1tb hard drives in dual distributed party (raid 6) 4tb of storage. Raid 6 allows for up to 2 drive failures. For added file safety and security.
    Full drive data encryption available. < This is our minimum data drive safety solution. Offered ON ALL OF OUR SYSTEMS!!

    High quality Mainboards/Motherboards-

    High quality Memory.

    Water cooling for the CPU

    BEEF! drives for data storage. Offering maximum performance! Easily replace drives during filures.

    CD/DVD-ROM Drive

    Wifi card optional

    Video cards based on customer specifications, optional.

    Optional 1-year on-site tech support 3000.00usd (Good for 40hrs ON-SITE)

    Optional 3-year on-site tech support 6000.00usd (Good for 80hrs ON-SITE)

    Optional 5-year on-site tech support 7,500.00usd (Good for 160hrs ON-SITE)

    Our normal hourly service rate is $165usd per hour.

    The best part about all of this?? We are local, and here for you! Call us today!